No Fair!


  This is going to be a shock.  A recent study* suggests that men do stupid things when interacting with attractive women! OMG!  Phrased otherwise, men are more likely to engage in counterproductive behavior under the gaze of beauty than women are before a handsome visage.

  Researchers reviewed the results of more than 600 chess games played by expert men and women whose photos were later anonymously rated for relative attractiveness.  The opening moves of each game were evaluated by professionals in terms of relative risk.  Games ending in ties were adjudged to have been of restrained play.

  Playing against women rated to be the hottest, men were much more likely to take risks.  And the risks didn’t pay off.  Women played no differently with good looking opponents – either male or female.

  Reminds me of the winter before our first child was born.  We were staying in a cabin by a frozen lake way up somewhere in the frozen north.  Being pregnant, wife was unconvinced that she’d have fun in the bars in town at night so we played Clue.  Like fifty times. 

  I only won once.  Given the opportunity, I could have murdered Colonel Mustard and the rest my own self.  With any of the assorted weapons or blunt instruments.  Feel better now knowing that it had nothing to do with my IQ, imagination, or creativity.  It was her fault.  And, as I now realize, has been so much else.

  Oh well, moving forward, I have a great excuse for my behavior…

*”Beauty Queens and Battling Knights: Risk Taking and Attractiveness in Chess” Institute for the Study of Labor.  WSJ 12/11/10

** Photo is of real life Russian Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk.

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