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  This one is easy – you’re looking at our new friend Nellie.  Born in a barn on the day after Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, we took her home March 17.   Wife visited the farm many times in between and once asked mom Lucy which of her five to chose.  Owner was so impressed at the subsequent interaction that we got a discount.

  Our little black pearl slept through the night right off and whimpered at the front door appropriately.  We set up a baby monitor so as to hear her called to nature in the middle of the night.  It’d been fifteen years* since we’d had a pup and Nellie fit right in.

  She’s a morning person, uh dog, and is raring to go the moment she first hears or sees us in the AM.  Throw something and she’ll roar into action – bouncing off kitchen walls and cabinets like a cue ball struck on an empty table.  It’s hilarious to watch.

  Or was.  Few days ago while standing at the counter eating breakfast I accidently stepped on a squeaky toy.  Dark flash, chomp, rip, and there went the most expensive pair of pants I’ve ever owned.  I would never have bought them myself and had complained to she who’d brought them home when I saw the tag.  “But it’s your daughter’s wedding” she said.  Gone.

  I was headed for an important meeting, so changed quickly and ran down the stairs.  Dang if Nellie wasn’t around the corner waiting to grab hold again. Oh, no! Hadn’t even left the house, but I was a good way through next paycheck.  “Don’t be a grump!” said guess who. 

  That evening we were both tired, but she (Nellie) was so happy to see me that she spun about several times before nuzzling up.  I patted her a bit and onto her back she then rolled in hopes of a belly rub.  That patch of bare skin is so soft!  Oh well, we’re cool…

  Woke next morning to find an impressive archipelago of soft brown mounds arrayed across the kitchen.  She’d probably attempted to give notice, but the fact that she’d chewed through the intercom cord had short circuited her yelps.  Took her to the vet to learn that she’s hosting three different sorts of worms probably ingested onboard a raccoon waste nugget.

  None of this bothered wife in the least.  Until yesterday.  Sweet Nellie got in behind the computer during a precious Facebook session and chewed through the router, printer, and mouse cables.  All that stupid I can’t believe that guy’s a billionaire ‘Friend’ stuff disappeared.  Snarls were exchanged.  Results below.  

*cf December 2, 2011

2 Responses to “Results Below”

  1. Sally Says:

    Maybe we should get two????

  2. Dirk Says:

    Yup she needs a mate to play with… we have two. She is a stunner.. Dirk

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