About The Subtle Landscape


  I’m a 59 year old dude out here in Iowa just staring off into space – trying to figure out what came before the big bang.  Once done with that, I’ll offer up some of my spot on fashion tips for which my wife and three kids (27,29,31) are always so grateful.

4 Responses to “About The Subtle Landscape”

  1. abby Says:

    and im 23 now dad!

  2. andrew Says:

    dad, abby hit me!!!!!!

  3. Danny Armijo Says:

    Hello Michael,

    I am here because I am googling for insight into the Fibonacci sequence and the evidence of the golden rectangle, or an approximation, in a golf swing graph created by Ryan McGinnis. You might recall a reference to Fibonacci and golf here in your blog. I recently posted a new topic inquiring into the relevance of Fibonacci to the golf swing in advancedballstriking.com about this, but few readers have added anything yet. Because references to the Fibonacci/golf swing connection are relatively rare, I was happy to find your reference to it in your blog. I am not trained in this topic, math, or physics. I have found scientific links that are way over my head, but I have a hunch you are someone who has formed a way of explaining to laymen like me how the spiral and golden rectangle are nature’s tangible evidence of a golf swing, perhaps the most effective swing, perhaps not. Any way, I believe it would be very helpful if you would like to have a look and comment if you like in the public forum or privately. The public forum link is http://www.advancedballstriking.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=1415 . I also have a hunch lots of folks are trying to get your attention, so if you have to pass on this invitation I appreciate that too.

    The best to you and thank you,
    Danny Armijo

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