That’s Dean Potter and his best friend Whisper. Here’s what he says to people who for some reason question the way he spends time with his dog: “Dogs don’t live as long as we do. Every day that they’re trapped inside a house is like seven days trapped inside a house for us. Certain people I know will say, ‘Hey, you’re freaking taking your dog BASE jumping you lunatic!’ But my response is that Whisper wants to come with me. My philosophy is take the dog with you. It’s part of the family. Don’t trap it in the car or at the house all the time. That’s no fun.”*
*From an interview in the July 2014 issue of Climbing Magazine

3 Responses to “THAT’S NO FUN”

  1. Tracy Fiese Says:

    Budge, thanks for sharing your blog. It was a pleasure meeting you earlier this week. Molly and I have enjoyed reading several of your entries, learning more about topics of which we knew little and the perspective you bring to them. We intend to keep reading and wish you well with your latest and most challenging endeavor! Best of luck in settling your in-laws’ estate. I know this is a sad time for your wife. By the way, I’m sure I have seen your wife and dog(s) running past our house several times a week for the past decade! Small world…
    Be well.

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